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cutting edge technology, binding care



Technology has greatly improved access to healthcare for many by alleviating, or eliminating limitations caused by the physical location, and/or availability of health professionals. Caretronic was established to act as the technology wing of the SAI Group to study health technology, research needs and, develop/ procure solutions applicable to health care settings of affiliate companies.

Caretronic's primary interest is in the applications of telehealth. Telehealth refers to health related data exchange using telecommunication devices/ technology such as two-way video, e-mails, smart phones, wireless devices, computers, etc. Caretronic offers telehealth solutions for home and community-based settings, such as independent and assisted living facilities, that are among the most advanced in the world in its class. There is growing evidence that contemporary healthcare integrating telehealth as an essential mode of service delivery is helping with reducing healthcare costs while improving client outcomes.